To reevaluate your actions after realizing that your current course of action is likely to lead you into a troublesome situation. From Ice Cube's song "Check Yo Self."
See also: check yo self before you wreck yo self
Phineas: "The derivative of the hyperbolic arctangent of x is one over the quantity one minus x squared. Booyah, who's the man!"
Isaac: "Whatever. Your math skills are mediocre at best. I bet you couldn't even prove the Pythagorean theorem with a compass and a straightedge."
Phineas: "I believe those are fighting words. Let's take this outside. I'm going to slap you silly with my pocket protector!"
Isaac: "I suggest you check yo self before you wreck yo self. I've got three of my chess club buddies backing me up and one of them takes taekwondo!"
by Nicholas D February 18, 2009
"Check yo self, 'fo you wreck yo self, 'cause I'm bad for your heath - I come low stealth."
by XDavid PolicastroX April 16, 2009
A command that is blurted out, usually angrily, by one individual to another as a condemnation of the latter's behaviour, actions or poor choice of words. Those who indict another with such a phrase normally do so if the said individual has severely offended or insulted them, and are calling upon the individual to think about what they have done and atone for their lack of judgement.

Variations of this phrase, such as "Check yo self foo!" and "Check yo self before ya wreck yo self" are also used to communicate the same message: correct your behaviour (idiot/before you get in trouble)
Check yo self before ya wreck yo self. them shotgun bullets are bad fo' ya health!
by Street Shakespeare December 10, 2010
Examine what you're about to do or say before you say or do it wrong. Expressed to people who usually are wrong and belive to think they are above the rest or have a right to do or say anything they want.
by miaobaid August 26, 2014
a saying that means you better watch before you step over that thin line and get yo ass into serious trouble.
Whoa whoa wait a minute wanna pull out a .380 on me??? Fool you better chiggity-check yo self before you wriggity-wreck yo self!
by Nick D February 27, 2003