To unexpectedly punch a guy in the balls for no apparent reason while yelling "CHECK".
"Dude, i went to the party and and must have been check'd at least 10 times".
by jawman1994 June 09, 2009
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the time during the course of a meal when its time to leave unnoticed
"oh ____ man! check's coming, we gotta bounce!"
by Schon July 14, 2003
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A code word guys use to tell his friends know that he sees a hot girl, without letting her know you're checking her out
Tony: Check!

Jason: Where is she?

Tony: Over there, walking her dog....damn.
by Creeper(0_o) March 27, 2009
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check/checked is when the squad is going to mess with someone who messed with any member of the squad or the squad's friends.
squad friend: dude, you gotta help me!
squad member: why what happened? who are we going to check?
squad friend: john dude! him and his gang is beating me up!
squad member: oh shit man! he's gonna get checked dude, don't worry
by ohsooriginal March 22, 2016
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