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The meaning of the name Maida (may-duh) is Maiden as in a beautiful young girl who is not yet married. Many men are usually attracted to a Maida but her heart will always be committed to one man. The origin of the name Maida is Armenian,greek,arab,or australian.
That Maida is so hard to ignore.
by kissesnmisses April 01, 2009
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Only the most beautiful girl in the world. She is sweet, kind, freindly, and highly attractive. She makes a perfect girlfriend and is always committed to one man. She loves to cuddle and is surprisingly amazing at sex. She is shy but once you get to know her, her true colors show. Maida is the most gorgeous girl ever, and you will be lucky if you have a chance with one.
Why can't you be like a Maida ?
by Anon1201 December 06, 2013
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Another term used to suggest peeing in ones ear. Gross
Drunk guy: ohhh look what I just did
Drunk girl: that's so hot u just maidaed
by BadBiatch10001 July 09, 2017
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only the coolest bastard in the entire universe...or in my mind...whatever, i don't care.
oh there's maida, if i was gay, i'd pee in his ear.
by Super Maida July 27, 2003
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An Australian term, similar to hater, used to describe someone of bad character who is pathologically inclined to spread false rumors and lies about other people with great success and conviction. A cunning game player who derives pleasure from this behaviour which is intrinsic to their personality. Also see bullshit artist, weasel.
Example 1 : Watch out for that dude, he gets off on pissing on you to all of your acquaintances and they will want to kill you after - hes a Maida.

Example 2 : I woke up one day and everyone i ever knew thinks i have been insulting them when i havent - i think ive been Maida'd.

Example 3 : After all of the west side figured out hes a Maida, nobody goes anywhere near him, his momma was right.
by sexi boi February 07, 2006
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