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An insult used to describe a person, which is usually followed by the phrase "looking ass nigga"
Boy Im going to check the shit out your ass: mop top carrot top looking ass nigga
by CaptainGarbage December 01, 2009

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A turn used by most HBCU's Marching Bands.

When two HBCU's Marching Band go against each other and one is clearly louder then the other band, then the other band, who is not as loud, would have been cranked on.
Man, Jackson Cranked on TSU at the Southern Heritage classics this year.
by CaptainGarbage December 01, 2009

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Similar to web surfing. What somebody does when they are looking for something on their computer, usually an old assignment or paper that could be reused. Also what people do with somebody elses computer in attempt to find their porn.
Jane did not feel like writing a 4 page essay, so she folder surf so she could turn in a paper she wrote 3 years ago.

Michael borrowed George computer, assuming george had porn on his computer Michael folder surf.
by CaptainGarbage January 03, 2014

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When you order something from a online market like amazon.com and the status of your order is in the "Not shipped yet" or "Shipping soon" stage for what seems to be an extremely long period of time.
Guy1: Dude I order my Xbox 360 from amazon.com 3 days ago and it hasn't even been shipped yet.

Guy2: Wow what a shiptease.
by CaptainGarbage January 19, 2011

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