"Dude! Why is my magazine all wet?"

"Oh, I saw that picture of those two girls making out and I just had to check all over it."
by imnakedhamadeyoulook May 31, 2009
to joke on somebody or to put in one's place
main dont let him talk about yo momma that way. go ahead and check that foo
by newnew May 26, 2008
something said, when a task is completed
Greg- did you pack your shoes?
Tim- Check!
by gahh_nikk July 10, 2008
1. To take-out or make a hit on someone in any sport. Common in Hockey and Rugby.
3. Later, goodbye, see ya. Said "Check 'em".
1. "I put a mad check on him. He had to get carried off on a stretcher, out for the season."
3. "I'm bouncing nigga. Check 'em!"
by Diego August 29, 2003
When you are so fat that your chin and your neck converge into one.
Man, look at the Check on that no-neck fatty!
by God With a Heart of Oak August 31, 2010
To chat up, or introduce oneself to the opposite sex.
I went over to the girl to checkher. I bought her a bottle of Canei. She gave me her digits.
by MaNaTaRmZ August 24, 2003
A new form of "Yo momma" style of insulting someone but only insulting them.There are many personal styles of this form such as starting off the sentence with "shut yo" or ended in "look`n on". Originated in Memphis,Tennessee.
by Hugh December 03, 2004