phrase; said immediately after someone completes a well-done task. used to show how happy or proud you are for them. usually said in the form of an exclamation

the phrase is a reference to when the parents/guardians receive a piece of work from their child (drawing, poem, etc) and displays it on their refrigerator. the child feels a sense of pride due to the work being hung on the fridge. this phrase is meant to replicate this feeling of pride, like your action is worthy or approved.
skai- *finishes singing*
oliver- "on the fridge!"

beau- *finishes presentation*
alex- "you did great, beau! on the fridge!"
beau- "thanks!"
by child of cheesus December 31, 2020
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A typically Australian act in which a large group of people dress up in strange costumes and ride girls bikes from one friends house to the next, stopping at each house to have at least 5 standard drinks, usually consisting of 4- 10 houses. Upon reaching the final destination where the party will stay untill everyone has passed out or gone home
Have u organised a bike and costume for the fridge to fridge yet?

Yeah im going as goat

Good luck with that....
by Ando130489 March 5, 2009
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Fridging is a common practice in comics and general media where another character exists to die or be hurt for the sole purpose of furthering another character's plot. Though the term was originally coined by Gail Simone in 1999 as "Women in refrigerators" (In reference to a plotline where the green lantern found her newly introduced girlfriend sliced up in a fridge) though it may still refer to the same mistreatment of female characters, it has become less gendered over time and the definition has become less niche to involve somewhat characterized cast members as well as new ones.

Some prominent examples of fridging include:
Uncle ben
every single character to date deadpool
every single orphaned characters' parents
"I don't know why I still read comics, every single one ends up fridging a character."
by vapid kourt April 24, 2021
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A box that cools down food, thus preserving it for longer. What, were you expecting me to say its a word for anal sex or something? Get your mind out of the gutter.
Person 1: You know what a fridge is, right?
Person 2: What, anal sex?
Person 1: No, it preserves food you fucking dimwit.
by Steamkaptain July 28, 2021
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To put on a condom, freeze your dick in a fridge, and anally and vaginally penetrate your girlfriend with the frozen condom on. To spice things up a bit, put some crushed ghost pepper in the condom and attempt to break the icy condom as you penetrate her.
I nearly rendered the both of us sterile after I spicily fridged my girlfriend.
by Yopmail User April 11, 2023
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When a movie or tv show kills or hurts a friend or lover or family member of the main character so it will motivate or torture them. Like mission impossible 1, Deadpool 2, the second Jason Bourne, or in the lion king
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The euthanasia-induced, temporary repository for a beloved, yet incontinent, demented and disease-riddled family pet that has succumbed to the unfortunate ravages of time...
Ok kids, 'Boots' is the 'fridge; we gotta get her out and into the ground before the Vet charges us for another month of 'storage'...go get yer shovels...
by YAWA April 27, 2018
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