A female who cares neither who nor what she has sex with.
Man, my ex was so cheap.
by MightyStalin666 March 18, 2003
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From The People's Area of NYC and surrounding areas. Meaning good and exceptional in a particular situation,skill or comment.Can replace the word 'good' in many occasions.
This guy DOT really wowed the ladies with some cheap ass lines.
by Me April 13, 2005
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1: Not very expensive. The word cheap, however, is best avoided when selling cut-price items or bargains. Nobody likes to be thought of as 'cheap'.
2: A girl who is generous with her favours, to put it politely.
3: Lacking in imagination. Eg: 'cheap' ways of getting you to lose lives in a video game.
4: Someone who spends their life not paying their way. (eg: cheapskate).
The special effects in that film were really cheap. Looked like they'd put a collection bottle on a pub bar and paid for the effects out of the procedings.
by Stormsworder February 01, 2007
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low quality, trashy, ugly, a descriptive term towards someone/something

usually said in a high tone
Look at that commercial, its so cheap!

That girls hair is so cheap!

(when a computer crashes) "CHEAP!"
by theveg10 November 08, 2011
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Referring to women’s underwear that is not expensive.
I'm wearing some cheaps from Walmart because they don't stay on long.
by scribble14 April 23, 2009
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A sports term, often used in the NYC area, meaning "Too easy; it doesn't count." Occurs when playing a game with limited participants, such as a 7-on-7 softball game with self-pitching.
Sal hit a slow grounder that stopped about 20 feet in front of homeplate. Since the pitcher was on his team, we called "cheap" and he hit again.
by SumYungGuy July 31, 2006
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