doing something totally irrelevant or being distracted from what you intend to do
I was trying to write my paper, but I wound up chasing rabbits on Wikipedia for a few hours instead.
by emilyfunction February 16, 2010
the act of getting stoned, smoking weed, flying high etc
"dude i saw it while i was chasing rabbits"
by sarah bargenrose April 30, 2008
When you're talking about something specific to another person and you end up going completely off track leading you to talk about multiple other random un-related topics before coming back to conclude your original point.
"Since I have to go, can you get to your point and stop chasing rabbits?"

"He was chasing rabbits again and I couldn't tell what he was trying to say."

"I'm sorry, I was chasing rabbits for too long and I don't know how this conversation started anymore."
by BaconBlitz February 11, 2019
Dr. W: Where's Kedrik?
Dr. W: Did he go chase a rabbit?
Kyle: *giggle*
by courtoomp222 April 15, 2011
Term used by retarded supermarket workers when going out chasing skirt at the weekends.
Chasing the rabbit hnye
by Rabbit Protection League March 25, 2011
When you are on a binge of mind altering substances and spiraling out of control on your journey to Wonderland. Beware The Red Queen. She means to take your head and eclipse your soul in darkness for eternity.
Brother, I have been chasing the white rabbit so hard! I am almost in Wonderland.
by Lord Johanis February 12, 2014