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A gorgeous girl with a smile that brightens your darkest days. A fiesty with a kick-ass attitude that will leave you half baked. She is a blessing with a curse and you can't help but love her because she means well. If you can manage to find an Alice, be sure to thank the lord for blessing you with an unparalleled work of art whose unique beauty is sui generis.
She's not perfect, but hey who is.....must admit thought she gives deep throat blow jobs a whole new meaning, blows your mind to Gibraltar. Anyone that sees her mistaken her for the Red Queen. She's short with a gigantic bulbous head, fair skin, red hair and blue eyes. If you get on her bad side, she becomes bitter, abusive and slanderous so be nice, always...Finally she's a self acclaimed two faced narcissist who fingers herself whilst watching herself in Alice in wonderland.
The Red Queen:The red queen was really funny, but she was bonkers.
The Red Queen: The truth doesn't matter, it only matters what the people believe.
The Red Queen:"Off with your head"
The Red Queen:"her name is Um, IDIOT!"
The Red Queen: "someone has stolen three of my tarts!"
The Mad Hatter: "I've been considering words that start with the letter M.. Moron, Mutiny, Murder, Mmm-malice.
The Red Queen: "Well, we're looking for an A word right now, where is Alice?"
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by Baal-Berith August 21, 2017
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