A gender classification where one adheres to a gender non-conforming lifestyle. an individual who uses all pronouns.

She/her/him/he/they/them it's all good

Gender chaotic individuals often Identify as pansexual
1 - hey Alex seems really cool, does she go by "they"
2 - you can call Alex whatever. He's gender chaotic, he doesn't have time to freak out over pronouns
by immortalmilkman January 20, 2022
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shut up its dongpyo mwOyA❓YA‼️noh🛀 kOyAngi😼iSseO🥵kUgEni🎉💫koYa🐨nGiyA🕳️🚶iGeNi💨koYanGi😾yA‼️🙌🏻
Dongpyo is the most chaotic piece of shit I know. Stan that bitch
by cooooooooooochieman March 7, 2021
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The Very Chaotic people of Philadelphia will kick anyone's ass who "Busts into Philly" Due to the election.
by Ladyace5 November 6, 2020
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An aesthetic that involves haphazard routines and messy habits, similar to dark academia but more relaxed
by Kaz00 April 16, 2022
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an indie gamer dedicated to the ever evolving chaotic gaming world
See that "Chaotic Blader Gamer" he is so hard core.
Chaotic Blader Gamers are the hardcorest gamers in the world.
by godofwar005 August 18, 2008
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When one person get's thrown under the bus, and the rest get thrown under as well. Also great for describing total clusterfucks, Epic Fails, and other disastrous related problems.
Girl: "Jeff just threw everyone under the bus, we're all fired"

Guy: "Are you kidding me?! The kitchen was just on fire too, and there's slugs in the ice machine again!! Never ending chaotic bus problems in this bitch!!"
by pandeerrrrrr April 8, 2013
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Best describes the organisational structure of someone with ADHD at any given moment
"Barry's been carrying on like a chaotic dickhead. He's been trying to call me with the phone he just lost while going through a McDonald's drive-thru, to ask me about my opinion on light bulbs. The light bulbs are for a performance-piece protest. We spoke about the number plate of the car in front."
by Shamrock McGuinness June 14, 2021