Chaotic Cows isnt just a friend group. Its an elite group of people, they are an escape from this cruel world,they ARE art or a hug from a loved one. They're everything you've ever wanted in your life,if you think about it and admire each of them they are the most ethereal beings. Its like a sunset, different shades of colours combined to create a beautiful atmosphere. All in all, they are a bunch of chaotic and humorous friends that are wrapped together like the first gift you open on Christmas.
"Chaotic cows are the swaggiest people you'll meet"
by cosmic_teddyy April 25, 2021
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A spell in World of Warcraft, and not - explicitly - anything Kairi says it is.
Austin does not have a lot of Chaotic Energy. He's not even level 98 yet.
by derekistan November 11, 2019
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in reference to a D&D character, extremely dumb and unintelligent. One can be classified as chaotic stupid if they do such things as taking a more complicated way to do things, or do something the party has told them not to, for no reason.
DM: "Okay guys, you enter into the room and there's a button in the middle of the room."
Player 1: "Okay. Don't press the button guys. It could be a trap. Let's just continue."
Player 2: "What colour is this button?"
Player 1: "Does that matter?"
DM: "It's bright red like the buzzers on Family Feud."
Player 2: "I can't resist it. I push the button."
Player 1: "Really? We got Mr. Chaotic Stupid over here don't we?"
by UrbanSparkles October 28, 2020
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An extremely pathetic and desperate little scene kid with a dead raccoon planted on it's head as a "hair cut". It puts white foundation on with a paint roller and eye liner on with a highlighter pen. This strange species loves to creepishly smother people with hugs and has teeth that could compare to pensioners that have been drowned in a sewer. This creatures special ability is being able to take it from two hardcore kids at the same time in the public area of an alcoholic-ridden car park.
You are such a chaotic kitty, it makes me sick!
by scenekidsmakemelaugh October 04, 2010
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#1 BH clan in RuneScape. Even though RoT flames all day long and have 100 people to their pk trips, they can't do anything but sit on their computer and cry.

Leader is DeStY who freezes almost anything that walks by and than kills them

Co-leader is Aton who has turrets and screams on TS while getting kicked off a kill.

Pro hybrids:

Dahmerflash (the mystic pker)

Dunnanah (Angry kid)

Neo8994 (Gets killed every trip)

Shooter10hi (Just 1 items aka his entire bank

Unholy Nav (Lies about every pk he gets)

Jack aka Ajvergill (Crys over every death)

Gepee (Zammy robe + dds pker)

TJ (Black pker of the clan)

Mark Antho (Kangaroo eating kid)
Watch out for Chaotic Impulse. DeStY's gonna freeze ya
by Plazahitman March 12, 2008
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A sexual position in which the male inserts his fist into the female's vagina, and proceeds to swing it around in a circle as if using a lasso.
Dude, I totally chaotic fisted Eric's mom last night!
by chaotic fist August 26, 2008
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when a persons chaos becomes so chaotic it turns into massive sex appeal. most commonly found when a girl has a nerf gun.
Trey: *sees a girl on a golf cart with last nights make up, a nerf gun, and no shoes* “now THAT’s some chaotic sex appeal.”
by dunkinexpress August 12, 2020
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