The one random person named Ian that everyone knows but doesn't really talk to or hang out with. He tends to be
"Hey dude, did you see how class had such a Chaotic Good vibe today?"
"Yeah I did. And I thought it was odd because Ian wasnt even in class."
by May 8, 2020
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when a persons chaos becomes so chaotic it turns into massive sex appeal. most commonly found when a girl has a nerf gun.
Trey: *sees a girl on a golf cart with last nights make up, a nerf gun, and no shoes* “now THAT’s some chaotic sex appeal.”
by dunkinexpress August 12, 2020
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There's a certain level of chaos that effects not just a single person but an entire entity of people, to the point where NOBODY knows what's going on anymore and no one knows who the hell is in charge of this madness, but everyone's okay with it.
The prime example of this is found in Big Hit Entertainment, home of BTS, where - not only does the CEO Bang Si Hyuk aka Hitman Bang have light saber battles in Iron Man costumes while sidewalk dining, but the future CEO Kim Seokjin, the Lord of DGAF Min Yoongi and the riotous 95 Line have been known to cause hair pulling in their innocent staffs just by doing a little thing called "being themselves."
It is speculated that the reason the BU (Bangtan Universe) was created was because a whole ass alternate reality was necessary just to have a safe outlet for all of the chaos going on at Big Hit.
I know I told you that we welcome a little chaos around here, Kevin, but what you're suggesting is Big Hit Chaotic. We just don't have the insurance.
by LowkeyARMY January 2, 2019
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Chaotic little shits are a hot fucking mess of a trio. It usually consists of the sad lesbian, the sarcastic one who cares more about the aesthetic then the other two and the one who loops every conversation back to Taylor swift.

Common used phrases in this group chat :


*insert passive aggressive phrase* 😊

“I know this trio that’s a stupid mess and all their aesthetics don’t work together but they’re super hot”

“Omg that’s defo some chaotic little shits
by Chaotic little shit #3 July 2, 2021
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@/softiejeongi.n on instagram
this bitch is a chaotic bisexual
by uwunator May 10, 2018
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Always Chaotic is a small YouTube channel formally known as "Nutella Rules UwU" or "Choco_Chipルール." The channel creates Gacha content. Usually circling around Undertale, FNaF, or random OC videos.
Is extremely cringey
"Omg, it's that cringey YouTube channel Always Chaotic!!"
by SaturnEverySaturday December 30, 2021
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