The Kendrick of Chicago. A rapper who is actually bringing a positive energy from Chicago, unlike that bang bang 3hunna bullshit Chief Keeff talks about. If you haven't heard his mixtape Acid Rap, listen to it. You won't regret it!
Dude did you hear that song by Chance the Rapper, it's so dope!
by Lorde Lightskin April 23, 2014
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Chance the Rapper is a very famous rapper who is famous in Chicago he has many popular songs on the website YouTube he was also featured in a KitKat Commercial with his face, Dialogue is "Chance the (w)Rapper break! Psst, hey Chance, Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar, you get it? We're both Chance the (w)Rapper? No, I get it"
"Have you heard Chance the Rappers song called Favorite song?"
"Yeah! My favorite part is when Childish Gambino came in and made the song even better!"
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Kit Kat fan 1: Hey bro, Chance The Rapper is lit! I eat that shit all the time!

Kit Kat fan 2: True, Chance The Rapper is lit. I wish I had the chance to eat one right now.

Chance The Rapper: You do realize I'm an actual human being who raps, right?

Kit Kat fan 1: Yo, what the hell is this Black guy doing here in our house?

Kit kat fan 2: No, bro it's Chance The Rapper, the guy on the wrapper!

Chance The Rapper: And I'm also a rap-- wait what are ya'll fools doing?

*Kit Kat fan 1 and 2 starts to eat Chance The Rapper*

Chance The Rapper: Well, looks like I'm never going to be relevant again. Fuck Kit Kat! And most of all, fuck all the White people who think I'm an actually a candy bar.
by hellomyfriendz June 30, 2017
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When you share a bag of candy amongst friends, every time you discard a wrapper in the wrapper pile you have to shout “Chance the rapper”.
*eats candy and throws wrapper in pile* “Chance the rapper”
by babysnoopy2236 January 16, 2021
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Chance the rapper is a typical square that suffers from CRS. Can't Remember Shit. Because apparently, falsely accusing someone of one's talent against another is the new trend. Well if that's case, then I guess we can all stand to say, Chance the rapper is the next Tupac!
You can find Chance the rapper in the ocean somewhere, fucking a fish. Typical.
by Shittytrends May 14, 2018
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