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A.K.A Donald Glover from Derrick Comedy, Community, and 30 Rock.
The sickest rapper alive (so much better than Lil Wayne.)
Has two albums out called "Poindexter" and "I Am Just A Rapper"
Looks and sounds a lot like Jay-Z.
For his best songs, listen to "The Awesome", "Get Like Me", and "The Stand".
Guy 1: Hey have you heard the new Lil Wayne song?
Guy 2: Wayne is pure shit now. Childish Gambino is so much better
by Yeah, listen to him... March 14, 2010
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Oh you’re just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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Donald Glover, actor, comedian, writer, but also a great rapper. I would like for him to please fertilize my eggs, and then make me eggs. Or, I can make him eggs, Either way....either way's fine.
Fact: childish gambino favorite soup is MisoHorny
by sdrowkcab April 08, 2011
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When someone is acting very childish and irresponsible. Aswell as being a bit stupid, you reply with childish gambino as to get the message across without them being offended.
Sarah β€œHey, I have commitment issues but gonna blame them on you. Then I’ll spread hate about you.”

Jared β€œWhy are you so childish gambino?”
by TheOnlySydicate January 03, 2021
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