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One of the most popular YouTubers ever. Due to his popularity he has had a lot success surrounding the "nigahiga" brand.

He used to make video Sean Fujiyoshi but now does with himself with the Ryan Higa production company (group of friends/producers), along with Sean at times.

His videos are for entertainment and as of July 15, 2017, he has nearly 20 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, making him have the 19th most subscribed channel on YouTube.

The channel was on two occasions the most subscribed on YouTube, surpassing Smosh in September 2008 but losing it to Fred a month later until surpassing him in subscribers to become the most subscribed YouTuber again in August of the next year, holding it until June 26, 2011.

Many say his reign as #1 was due to his comedy and spontaneous video schedule. Although his popularity has decreased in certain ways, he is still more relevant in different ways too.

He as well has another channel which has over 500 million views (his main channel having over 3 billion total video views) and nearly 5 million subscribers where he post BTS videos of the videos he posted on his main channel.
I'm not really a big fan of nigahiga or think he should've been the most subscribed on YouTube as long he did but he is still one of the best on YouTube.
by hellomyfriendz July 15, 2017
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Kit Kat fan 1: Hey bro, Chance The Rapper is lit! I eat that shit all the time!

Kit Kat fan 2: True, Chance The Rapper is lit. I wish I had the chance to eat one right now.

Chance The Rapper: You do realize I'm an actual human being who raps, right?

Kit Kat fan 1: Yo, what the hell is this Black guy doing here in our house?

Kit kat fan 2: No, bro it's Chance The Rapper, the guy on the wrapper!

Chance The Rapper: And I'm also a rap-- wait what are ya'll fools doing?

*Kit Kat fan 1 and 2 starts to eat Chance The Rapper*

Chance The Rapper: Well, looks like I'm never going to be relevant again. Fuck Kit Kat! And most of all, fuck all the White people who think I'm an actually a candy bar.
by hellomyfriendz June 30, 2017
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I'd love to be an orange russian, my parents would be two of the most powerful people in the world!
by hellomyfriendz July 15, 2017
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