French Canadian frat boys state this in a lower tone and repeat for no reason. This usually means they are of the 'Fuckboy' variety.
by TheGreatLebowski March 17, 2017
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A small college in Burlington, VT with a mix of hippies, druggies, ski/ snowboard bums, and gamers. Your social standing is mostly based on the amount of powder you shred and the amount you put up your nose.
Guy 1: Those girls really know how to party

Guy 2: Well of course, they do go to Champlain College
by ChamplainCollegeVT April 5, 2010
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The bridge one takes into Montreal if you are headed in from the Southside of the island. This is known as Anglo-Soul Glo-After the Party it's off to the bowling alley with Sally, Chief O'Malley, and Rand-McNally, Cali. That is, if you just ate a sheet of pot-brownies like I did.
I took Pont Champlain into Montreal. It was the most beautiful bridge I rode on all day. Believe me, I seen a lot of fucking bridges today, Daddy.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 2, 2005
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A small town up close to the Canadian border in New York, that can easily be renamed to hillbilly heaven. Your neighbor may likely be your second cousin or an on-parole sex offender. Make sure to watch your kids. The town is a go-to spot if you're looking to go on a dollar store-spree because it has two of its own and a third in the making. The highlight is the towns favorite restaurant- McDonald's. Even that is getting torn down. If they keep it up, there will be no Champlain to add shit on to. the buzz of the town comes from its own high school, which is 90% pot heads. This town is one to love.
"Hey man we should go back to Champlain, NY this weekend."
"You mean that shitty town you grew up in? No thanks."
by Crankymonkey098 August 3, 2017
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Mystical investigator, machinist and at times right-hand-man to Chicken McGreen. Splits his time between delivering machine parts to various businesses and assisting Chicken McGreen in his chaotic conquests. Also travels to classified locations gathering information about rival factions and oppressors.
John Champlain: Here you goooo here's your flexile elbow joint for your Smashmatic 4000!
Smashmatic 4000 Owner/Operator: Why are you singing?
John Champlain: No reason, but I did just resurrect Dahn Turgenson!
Smashmatic 4000 Owner/Operator: Oh ok, makes sense.
by Dahn April 14, 2008
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A small private school in Burlington Vermont. The populus here is made up of dirty hippies - TAKE A BATH! - wanabe pro-snowboarders/skiers, and world of warcraft junkies.

Your social standing at Champlain is based on how many different colored neon clothes you have in your wardrobe, the type of car mommy and daddy bought for you, and your ability to wear snow pants seven days a week, nine months out of the year.

About 99% of the students at Champlain want to transfer a semester into their college career, but realize they can't because the administration is contantly treating the students like lab-rats, and has written - and rewritten - the most unconventional academic program known to man (which basically doesn't allow for the transfer of credits.)
"Wow! Did you see those freaks wearin' pink snow pants?"
- "Yeah that's weird, considering it's May. They must go to Champlain College."
by Don Cha No March 8, 2010
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A small school located in burlington VT. This school is filled to the brim with drug addicts and hippies. If you attend this school you will be screwed over by the faculty and ridiculous "cor" classes. If I knew how awful it was going to be I would have never even looked at this school. If you know whats best for you, never even apply to champlain.
Wow heard you were getting screwed over by you're college, you must attend Champlain college.
by Vindictive. February 8, 2011
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