1. a language of the NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS (Saipan, Guam, Rota, Tinian, etc.)

2. a person from the NORTHERN MARIAN ISLANDS
a: What language do you speak?
b: Chamorro
a: What are you?
b: Chamorro
a: So your asian?
b: NO STUPID, Im Chamorro!
by Wendy Camacho June 6, 2005
Chamorro's are really islanders,,,very nice people and they're island is very beautiful....alot of people think chamorro's are filipino...but guess what bitches??? They're not flips...they're jus like Tongan's/Samoan's/Palau's etc...any ways chamorro's are really cool people to hang out with...
Guys from dat island...FINE ass hell...yes i married one..I LOVE MY CHAMORRO INLAWS
by Lilieta May 21, 2006
its chomorro from the island of guam not pinoy, tagalu (filipino), or any other asian descent that you ignorant people feel like you know you can call us. we have our own background and traditions that go back centuries to when the spanish armada was cruising around. (dont believe me look it up yourself.) ill admit we look asian but we are far from it, we are to lazy and kick back and to rough when it comes down to it. the island of guam is also modernized so were not 3rd world remember were part of the U.S. and we have military bases there. WE are very proud people and prefer to be called by our rightful nationality and if you insist on calling us asian or filipino go ahead but dont do it in front of us or youll regret....Trust me (warning).
Chamorro ME!!!!
by JFT671 February 11, 2009
Someone from the island of Guam. NOT Filipinos denying the fact that we're frickin Filipinos!
Despite the fact that a lot of IDIOTS try to label us as frickin Filipinos or wannabe Hawaiians, Chamorros are good people. They are one of the most hospitable cultures around. If you have a negative view of Chamorros, THERE IS A FRICKIN REASON WHY!!!
by sick of being mislabled August 24, 2006
1) Language from Guam
3) U.S. territory
2) Distinct island natives who are quickly being invaded by racists, and those racists assume that because they've nearly killed all the original culture of Guam, any one who truelly is chamorro and claims to be is lying and really is one of them...
3)Dance like Hawaiians...ok, I admit it
4)Many are friendly---and would accept the others if they at least acknowledge the history of the past. Guam is anybody's home, you don't have to learn the language, or whatever some believe, but if you won't even bother to learn or respect it's history...then what kind of citizen are you?
"What are you?"
"That doesn't even exist!"
Someone who is hella fine if you are digging me. They got the best guys oh wee who play football and baseball. No they don't just smoke Hookah, but they are pretty dang bomb for sure man!!
There is this hella fine chamorro up at my school who is on the football team and baseball team. He says chamorro's do it better yee.
by kinkyonefashoyo March 11, 2009
Indigenous people to the lovely island of Guahan, or Guam for you outsiders. They're known for their awesome barbecue and unique finadene sauce. Although some think they're Filipino, THEY'RE NOT. Totally different ethnicity, totally different island. Chamorros are very hospitable, welcoming, and for some reason are very patriotic, despite the recent and ongoing conflict in regard to the upcoming Military build-up. They're definitely people you want on your side. They are very family oriented and over-protective for good reason. They are currently fighting for political identity, war reparations for WWII victims and veterans, and indigenous rights. They can be the most respectful, loving, and welcoming people but in extreme situations, the most feared.
Chamorros are very patriotic in that Guam has the highest enlistment rate in the US.
by Guahan4Life January 8, 2012