After doing someone in the ass, pull out and wipe it across their face before they suck you off. Before busting, pull out and shoot it in their eye. Upon taking it in the eye they will grunt or exclaim "arrr." When they try to get up to come after you, kick them in the shin so they stump after you like a grumpy old spanish sea captain (a la the spanish mustach you left from the previous cock slap). Commence to laughing insanely while doing this for maximum pleasure.
Man, I pulled a trifecta on this hot bitch and got her to let me do a spanish armada on her skanky ass!
by Mooj and Cal December 7, 2006
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The talented set of players brought in by Steve Archibald when Ardrieonians F.C., so-called because they were of Spanish nationality. With this group of new players added to the squad, led by Steve Archibald, it was thought that Airdrieonians might have revived their hopes of success, although few would have expected them to reach the heights of the 1920s, when Ardrieonians came second place in the Scottish League Championship, won the Scottish Cup and toured Norway and Sweden. Alas, despite the valiant efforts of many, including the loyal Joey Rowan and later Steve Archibald and his Spanish Armada, Ardrieonians finally went into administration in 2002, having become mired in debt. It is commonly acknowledged, however, that they live on in the new team, Airdrie United, formed from what was Clydebank, then renamed and moved to Airdrie and their strip also features the famous diamond design of the Ardrieonians.
It could be said that the Spanish Armada was a last-ditch effort by Airdrieonians to avoid bankruptcy. It alludes to the Spanish fleet sent to conquer England by King Phillip of Spain and the historical football term is not related to the historical military term in any tangible way.
by arealdunbarpoo December 8, 2011
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