To make cocaine into lines, to excess consumption of cocaine.
Person 1 - 'Dude, why are you giving me so much grief? You have been up and down all night like a tit in a trance'
Person 2- 'Sorry blud, nothing personal, I've been chalked up all night'
Person 1 - 'What does chalking mean?'
Person 2 - 'Look it up on urban dictionary'
Person 1 - 'They wouldn't have the balls to put that up'
Person 2 - 'True'
by Dr Brain April 29, 2012
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you know when you have detetion you have to earse the chalkboarrds&stuff?
yeah basically serving detention.
Man, I can't hang out today casue i'm chalking after school.
by ZoE S. May 25, 2005
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The feeling or sense that all hope is lost and the current circumstance will only end in sadness and disappointment.
This game is chalked bro. I’m about to lose full.
by Team Envy February 28, 2020
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To let someone know to stop something. To bring to mind the imagery of someone drawing a big X, with chalk, through your idea.
"Hey! Let's dress up as Flamingos for Halloween!"
"Nah Fam. Chalk it."
by Kbthesass September 3, 2015
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*context, playing warzone*
Fuck, I landed late. I chalked it.
by Guspacho March 28, 2020
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When you get fucking akimbo deagles in the gulag and like what the fuck
by fakename1babs123 April 10, 2021
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for get about it, i dont want that, not wanting something.
that person is chalked, this candy is chalked because it is nasty, going to the movies is chalked,
by Alfredo Lopez May 22, 2006
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