The feeling or sense that all hope is lost and the current circumstance will only end in sadness and disappointment.
This game is chalked bro. I’m about to lose full.
by Team Envy February 28, 2020
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When you get fucking akimbo deagles in the gulag and like what the fuck
by fakename1babs123 April 10, 2021
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To severely mess up.
*context, playing warzone*
Fuck, I landed late. I chalked it.
by Guspacho March 28, 2020
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for get about it, i dont want that, not wanting something.
that person is chalked, this candy is chalked because it is nasty, going to the movies is chalked,
by Alfredo Lopez May 22, 2006
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A debilitated state while under the influence of drugs, or alcohol. Especially Marijuana, Xanax, Pain killers, or any drug that have anesthetic qualities.

Derived from outlining evidence at a crime scene, usually bodies.
“Dude those percocets I took yesterday had me chalked

“At my cousins wedding last summer, I got so drunk they had the children outline my unconscious body with chalk and then began chanting “chalked chalked chalked” at me until I awoke in fear and preceded to leave the wedding out of embarrassment”
by Lord Sanguis May 10, 2020
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To let someone know to stop something. To bring to mind the imagery of someone drawing a big X, with chalk, through your idea.
"Hey! Let's dress up as Flamingos for Halloween!"
"Nah Fam. Chalk it."
by Kbthesass September 3, 2015
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