prison, prison system
From Plies song '100 years'. "...I'm tired of losing all my n****s to the chain gang"
by walk-d January 24, 2008
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Current WWE Champion John Cena's fan group; composed largely (but not exclusively) of teen girls.
The Chain Gang was out tonight as John Cena got a huge entrance pop.
by John Big July 1, 2005
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When a group of guys each have their dicks in the guy in front of him
We had a chain gang yesterday
John was fucking Jimmy
Jimmy was fucking Alex
Alex was fucking Sean
Sean was fucking Kyle
Kyle was fucking Matthew
by gayboiz December 4, 2013
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when two or more four-wheel drive trucks connect chains to one truck immersed in mud. usually during mud riding.
"John's truck is stuck!"

"Looks like were gonna have to pull a chain gang! Yeehaw!"
by Rich! February 24, 2009
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A group of the seven most amazing girls known to this world. They sing Jibbs "Chain Hang Low" wherever they travel to. This group is quite official; they even have a uniform consisting of little boys tshits and 24 inch chains. This group of gangers share this bond; its amazing. They have had the greatest coach for their cross country seasons.
" ya chain hang low, do it wobble to da floor..." is what the chain gang sings.
by A fellow ganger February 22, 2007
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1. An old expression in which you were thrown in jail, put in chains, and had to work.

2. A banned Mickey Mouse cartoon in which Mickey was in a chain gang.
1. Greg isn't with us anymore. He is now a member of the chain gang.

2. The reason this short was banned was because it showed Mickey chewing tobacco, mild violence, and Mickey repeatedly being wacked in the balls.
by Sir Tiki June 20, 2005
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when receiving a blowjob from multiple girls and at the point of orgasm you lay one solid rope across all the girls
I was getting head from these ho's and I chain ganged them bitches
by TheBigCC March 4, 2010
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