5 definitions by John Big

1. A vaudeville show, often with white actors in blackface, portraying negative stereotypes of black people, showing them as lazy, stupid, oafish, etc.

2. A comedy starring Anthony Anderson.
1. The minstrel show had several actors in blackface shuffling about and singing old slave songs.

2. I can't believe I saw "My Baby's Daddy, what a minstrel show!"
by John Big July 21, 2005
A rich bitch who parties too damn much.
The socialite girls went out for yet another night of dancing, drinking, and snorting coke.
by John Big July 20, 2005
Current WWE Champion John Cena's fan group; composed largely (but not exclusively) of teen girls.
The Chain Gang was out tonight as John Cena got a huge entrance pop.
by John Big July 1, 2005
When white actors would paint their faces black to resemble black people. Accompanied by a performance stereotyping them as buffoons.
The white actor donned blackface for his minstrel show.
by John Big July 21, 2005
The worst pet known to man:

1. Guinea pigs were originally bred as food- I'm not kidding about this.

2. They are incredibly stupid; they just sit and stare or hurt themselves. Dogs are 1,000,000,000 x smarter.

3. Incredibly brittle and injury prone; they hurt their backs and break their ankles on exercise wheels, and make you by a crapload of weird supplies for them. You can let dogs walk around free, but you constantly have to make sure these fucking rats don't kill themselves.

4. They are not cute; they are big beady-eyed rats. Rodents aren't pets, they're VERMIN.

The fact that there are great dogs on the street, and one of these fuckers has a home makes me SICK.
My friend's stupid guinea pig died when it fell off it's bowl- good riddace.
by John Big July 6, 2005