Dear editor, this entry does not violate any of the rules on the editor homepage. a censored, inconvenient truth is the last few drops of semen remaining in the urethra of the erect male penis that oozes out when the penis "derects" to travel size.
My dick stinks because of a censored, inconvenient truth that fermented in my boxers.
by wolfbait51 May 6, 2011
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A UD user who constantly reposts the same definitions. Her (or his) agenda appears to be feminist, but she's bizarrely chosen a comedy website, Urban Dictionary as her battleground. There is nothing wrong with feminism but she clearly has some sort of obsessive disorder, and now that she's posted her views several times already, I think her point has been made.

Her trademark is to bizarrely preface every definition with an address to the editors, imploring them to "act with some integrity for once."
Average UD user 1: Well, just finished reading a definition. It was an amusing lampoon of gender stereotypes.
Average UD user 2: Well, look out, that user, "a censored, inconvenient truth" is attempting to bring down the website Urban Dictionary. This is of course the logical first step on the war-path of feminism. Next step, the White House!
by A truthful truth May 6, 2011
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A trifling UD author wannabe who continues to post her definition of "man". I continue to vote not to publish her proposed definitions because she seeks to enlighten under the guise of her penis envy. Stop hating you scabby, bearded ho nugget. It is advised that you take to other literary avenues to get your narrow-minded lesbian views published and stop clogging up this elite literary outlet that is known as THE Urban Dictionary!
Every goddamn day she thinks her views of the word "man" are witty. It is also a censored, inconvenient truth that this poser sniff balls, eats sawdust covered shitlogs and plays penny ante poker with swollen hands reddened by excessive anal masturbation with wooden mop handles and 32 sided dice on dental floss
by Free MeWilly January 21, 2011
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This is when a rapper,musician,social media Icon or etc (Famous People).
Censor strippers,people,not fans,past loved ones in videos,pictures,social media post so that they essentially don't gain clout within the act.
Which is a good way to block any annoying ratchet clout chasers ;)

For example: Lil Tecca's music video for "Ransom" he blocked out the faces "Clout Chaser Censored" the strippers in the music video for 2 reason, (B)
A.To hide their identity but B...
B.So that they don't gain popularity (Clout) or any social media publicity within the music video.

A " Clout Chaser Censored"
Retard: "Bro Blueface Clout Chaser Censored out all these girls faces on his new video."

Jason: Ahh damn bro why did he do that I was about to finna slide in dem baddies dms.
by HunterThunderSlayer May 31, 2019
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Person 1: ugh, I hate when there's giant lines at the bathrooms here
Person 2: yeah, that really censors my hentai.
by Ms. Nope September 4, 2017
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When comments or wall posts left on a friend's Facebook profile, posts, or pictures are later deleted, either 1) by the owner of the profile or 2) by the person who originated the post.

1) Occurs most frequently when comments are unflattering or incriminating. Also can be necessary to delete over posts left by the person you're casually banging, in attempt to lay claim on your or salt your game.

2) Often required after drunkbooking
1) "Dude-- don't write on my wall about getting wasted with me before work! Glad I post-censored you before my boss saw it!"

2) "I can't believe I wrote 'I love you' on my exes wall and commented on like 15 pictures.... I hope I post-censored before he woke up this morning!"
by sweetsarahbelle February 15, 2011
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To keep more than one voice from being heard.
The girl said she wanted to be the voice of other people. Any voice that wasn't hers, she wanted to censor.
by Solid Mantis January 25, 2021
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