A device built into a hot tub that that's sends a screeching alarm off whenever the hot tub is occupied by two (or more) people engaging in nude activities.
"Dude, so I was totally feeling my girlfriend's rack in the hot tub last night when the fucking naked censor went off; embarrassed the shit out of me when my parents came outside."
by Mr. Pants Party April 13, 2008
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The most powerful (and cutest) things to ever destroy video games. In an attempt to censor a zombie/comedy game only released in Japan (I can't remember which one) from having swears, an army of bunnies attacked any character that uttered any form of profanity, in an attempt to censor everything but the guts and gore.
Character #1: Fuck that!
(Censor bunnies come in and attack slapping tape on his mouth)
Character #2: I will never understand how the censor bunnies know where we are and when what we say.
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Used to bypass the automatic censoring devices that some forums, image boards, and online games use. These devices usually automatically convert any swear or derogatory word in a post into asterisks or dashes.

It can be a little bit annoying since you often have no idea what the poster was trying to say because all you see are asterisks that sometimes dont even match the number of letters in the word. It also makes reading some posts a hassle.

Methods of censor bypassing include replacing letters with numbers, removing a letter, replacing one letter with an asterisk so people have an idea of what you were going to say, and using slangs such as "effing".
Censor bypassing the word "fuck":

by The guy down the street September 11, 2013
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When someone is caught naked and covers their breasts/pussy/dick with their hands.
Person 1: Barges into room without knocking (probably on purpose)
Person 2: Squeals and hand censors their genitals
by freddymcbob February 7, 2016
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Censor Dodge is a way to bypass blocked sites such as Youtube and Facebook at School or Work.
Friend: dude i cant get on facebook it says its banned man
Me: just do a Censor Dodge
Friend: eh what?
Me: Just go to CensorDodge.com and enter facebook.com
by RealBobz February 4, 2016
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have to throw these underwear away. They have a censored, inconvenient truth in them
by wolfbait51 May 31, 2011
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