1 definition by Free MeWilly

A trifling UD author wannabe who continues to post her definition of "man". I continue to vote not to publish her proposed definitions because she seeks to enlighten under the guise of her penis envy. Stop hating you scabby, bearded ho nugget. It is advised that you take to other literary avenues to get your narrow-minded lesbian views published and stop clogging up this elite literary outlet that is known as THE Urban Dictionary!
Every goddamn day she thinks her views of the word "man" are witty. It is also a censored, inconvenient truth that this poser sniff balls, eats sawdust covered shitlogs and plays penny ante poker with swollen hands reddened by excessive anal masturbation with wooden mop handles and 32 sided dice on dental floss
by Free MeWilly January 21, 2011
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