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1 definition by A truthful truth

A UD user who constantly reposts the same definitions. Her (or his) agenda appears to be feminist, but she's bizarrely chosen a comedy website, Urban Dictionary as her battleground. There is nothing wrong with feminism but she clearly has some sort of obsessive disorder, and now that she's posted her views several times already, I think her point has been made.

Her trademark is to bizarrely preface every definition with an address to the editors, imploring them to "act with some integrity for once."
Average UD user 1: Well, just finished reading a definition. It was an amusing lampoon of gender stereotypes.
Average UD user 2: Well, look out, that user, "a censored, inconvenient truth" is attempting to bring down the website Urban Dictionary. This is of course the logical first step on the war-path of feminism. Next step, the White House!
by A truthful truth May 6, 2011
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