To keep more than one voice from being heard, especially an opposing voice.
The girl wanted to be the voice of everyone. She wanted to censor any voice that didn't agree with what she was trying to do.
by Solid Mantis January 25, 2021
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The one fail that art accepted.

internet wants it that way
Artist: look at my art.

me: why is it censored?
Artist: i dont know. i think internet wants it this way.
me: i see.
by Crycrycrying February 19, 2016
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when someone jokes or says something mean, and you get technical with the joke and rek them
Sam: Dad Jake people in bed
Jake: I've seen myself in bed
Dad: Damn Sam got censored
by esc 2 china June 27, 2016
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Where a swear is used on IRC and covered.
<osxdude> Oh my <censored> mother <censored> <censored>


<osxdude> Oh my fucking mother fucker bitch
by osxdude October 18, 2007
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Excellent industrial influenced drum-and-bass psychadelia. Intricate, propulsive, and original, this artist is actively bombing the borders between d'n'b, breakcore, industrial, and powernoise. Symphonic moments that are simultaneously dark and luminous are kept aloft by shifting drum and bass rhythms crafted from equal parts concrete, ubran grime, and precision-etched silicon. A new breed of electronic music that is unafraid of cross-genre pollination and driven by pure organic emotion.
Boy, oh boy! CENSOR is one of the most talented and dedicated electronic artists I've heard in ages. I want to make out with him.
by Jody January 20, 2005
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Making a word that is censored, (typically swears) un censored by changing a small detail.
ck you all, bítches.

Censor dodged
by HOWYATOMMY September 26, 2014
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