a brunette beauty, commonly has a lot of guys who like her, can be sexy whenever she wants
"I saw this girl and damn she was such a cecile"
"I bet she was hot"
by onlysayingthetruth December 27, 2010
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super kind, welcoming to anyone, and smart. cecile's have a big vocabulary and they're usually the smartest kids in the class. has a few super duper close best friends, and that's all she needs. her crushes never turn into something big, and she is usually a blonde. cecile can be hilairous at times.
teacher: cecile is at the top of our class! congrats!
girl : of course cecile is the smartest in the class
by -izz the fizz September 12, 2017
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an insanely hot girl that makes all the guys fall for her just by looking at them.
"oh shit she's hot"
"what a cecile"
by hello09876543345678 December 24, 2009
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A humorous girl with wit and charm. Can make any serious situation brighter with her diction. Her style is up-to-date but humble at the same time. A good catch for guys who are into sports as she is an avid sports fan.
"Wow you looked stunning during the hockey game! Stop pulling a Cecille, you're making the rest of us look bad."

"Au Francais avec du beurre, you are hilarious! You are such a Cecille"
by PhoSurePhoSure February 4, 2010
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The most amazing girl ever. Even though everyone falls in love with her, she is still humble and perfect. She does however have an attraction to guys with names starting with 'F'.
Did you see that perfect girl today. She must be Cecile. I heard she only like Fritz though.
by Fritzalicious November 14, 2016
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Cecil is the kindest, sweetest, and most amazimg guy you will ever meet. Cecil is hot, attractive and really sexy! He is such a gentleman and will treat any girl like a princess. Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him. Don't get on Cecil bad side though, you will surely regret it. He can flip on you faster than you can say pancake.

Cecil will care and love anyone hes with so if you get to be with a man named Cecil you better treasure him.
Girl 1: omg have you seen Cecil

Girl 2: who hasn't hes so perfect!

Girl 1: i wonder if he would ever date me?

Cecil: hey ladies

Girl1&2: omg!!!
by Sheesol-sunshine March 21, 2017
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When you try to adjust an image's size but zoom to far in and out resulting in a zoom spasm.
To cecile it defined:
A banana trying to get a fullscreen image but failing at it.
"Oh fuck I ceciled it."
by sk8terb0i May 24, 2018
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