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a brunette beauty, commonly has a lot of guys who like her, can be sexy whenever she wants
"I saw this girl and damn she was such a cecile"
"I bet she was hot"
by onlysayingthetruth December 27, 2009
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an insanely hot girl that makes all the guys fall for her just by looking at them.
"oh shit she's hot"
"what a cecile"
by hello09876543345678 December 24, 2009
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The most amazing girl ever. Even though everyone falls in love with her, she is still humble and perfect. She does however have an attraction to guys with names starting with 'F'.
Did you see that perfect girl today. She must be Cecile. I heard she only like Fritz though.
by Fritzalicious November 14, 2016
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super kind, welcoming to anyone, and smart. cecile's have a big vocabulary and they're usually the smartest kids in the class. has a few super duper close best friends, and that's all she needs. her crushes never turn into something big, and she is usually a blonde. cecile can be hilairous at times.
teacher: cecile is at the top of our class! congrats!
girl : of course cecile is the smartest in the class
by -izz the fizz September 12, 2017
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Cecile is the kinda person that is huge dicksucker. She just can't get enough out of torturing people and being an asshole at all times. Not only that, Cecile is 50% percent gae and smells like vinegar. On top of that if you have sex with a Cecile, it will not only be the worst you've had, they smell bad(like vinegar) the entire time. Please stay away from Ceciles, they are horrible people(they also dress like anime girls watch out for that).
Wow they're such a Cecile, I fucking hate them
via giphy
by Extra.__Chromosomes December 31, 2017
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