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HBS stands for Hot Bitch Syndrome.

HBS is the syndrome that many "Hot" girls come down with, thinking that prettiness is an excuse for bad manners.

Without the "Hot" ingredient, it can still be referred to as "Bitch Syndrome" or plain old BS.
"Man, that girl is such a bitch."
"Yeah, she's got a bad case of HBS."
by damek March 24, 2009
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Homeboys dumbass
Yr hbs are checking her out
by Lets get it December 15, 2018
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stand for" how bullshit ", it's an acronym to make it sound less offensive and foul.
A: wtf, Ann look like a low class prostitute in her vid? 0.o
B: hbs, as usual :P
by primaverabebe May 01, 2010
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Hot Butt Sex
I had 1337 hbs back in the fed. pen.
by xile February 05, 2004
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Harvard Buisness School

Innumerate Wharton rejects, full of hot air and business buzz word!
We are full of:

Porter five forces
Value chain
useless cases

He can't count, oh well, he went to HBS!
by Jason MXX April 11, 2008
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It's short for 'hungry bum syndrome' when someones trousers are a bit to far up thier own arse and it resembles like you're bum is trying to eat your trousers.
Belinda - 'Omg, hahah. Look...over there!'
Claire - 'Look at the case of HBS on that skank! We're bitches but it's true.'
by Claire Anderson July 22, 2007
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