This means "cant be arsed", but in addition, it may be followed by a number between 1 - 10, and including decimal places. This shows the degree of how much one cannot be arsed.
Person 1: Do you fancy going to the pub for a few cheeky ones?
Person 2: Hmm, nah mate, CBA 7.2 to get ready.
by Lorelaii January 28, 2008
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Chronic burning asshole syndrome. When you eat food hotter than the devil's dick and it burns your asshole to the point where you cry, the burning usually lasts hours making you wish you were dead
Andre: hey bro what's up
Peter: I'm fucked bro that curry last night gave me the most hectic cbas
Andre: shit bro that sucks, go buy some paw paw ointment
by Theburningbumhole January 10, 2015
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An acronym for "Chicken Breast Avocado". Refers to the most delectable and sought after sandwich in all the world. Made to order exclusively at Jean's Delicatessen in Bethesda, Maryland, the "CBA" primarily consists of chicken (thinly sliced), breast, and avocado. Additional garnishes include locally sourced red tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and fresh chopped lettuce. This exquisite combination of world class ingredients is served on an artisanal pita with a smattering of succulent mayonnaise. The CBA is commonly served with a free cookie of choice, courtesy of the Jeans staff. It is a favorite among the B-CC students and Jean's regulars formally known as "C3".
"Uh Z-Maht, where's everyone stepping for lunch today?"
"C'mon JG... it's Friday! You already know C3 is fading Jeaners! "
"I'm innnnn that! Can't wait to run CBA!"
by Grason Jayer February 26, 2020
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Omg look at all those CBAs I think I might die of cute overload
by MaryJane12345 June 12, 2011
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A chronic illness present in most teenage adolescents, usually used to refer to an extreme tiredness or laziness.
Mother: Jimmy, it's time to go to school.
Jimmy: I can't, I think I have a severe case of CBA :(
by Jani Pewter June 14, 2006
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