cba is another term for can't be arsed... usually used in IMing...
Izzy: mate, do you want to go into town today?

Emma: cba mate...
by emotionalemma July 14, 2009
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CBA stands for c - can't, b - be, a - arsed
Meaning someone is not going to do something because they don't want to or just are blatantly lazy.
Bob - Wanna do something today
Harry - Nah, cba
by Georgeywoo May 25, 2017
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Cute by association. When a hoe think she cute cuz her hoe friends is cute.
Ugly Bitch: Yassss bitch, I'm poppin'!
Me: No bitch.. you cba
by isaybooyousayboo December 12, 2017
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can't be arsed
can't be assed
can't be asked

in other words, can't be bothered
Jimmy: cba
July: Fuck you Jimmy
Bob: Classic Jimmy
Bill: Nobody likes you Jimmy
Jimmy: *slits wrist*
by Monsieur Le Patate November 26, 2016
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Collective Bargaining Agreement is an agreement between owners and employees where they need an agreement in place to operate.
The NHL had a 301 day lockout cause they did not have a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
by stefanie birch August 01, 2005
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