"Cock, Balls, Ass"
A generic answer to any question, in which a response is given with no meaning or answer when the person answering does not care about the question or any thing in general. Like "whatever" or "sure"
Also good for random outbursts can use Abbr. CBA or just say cock balls ass

eg. Dude, what time is it?
- It's almost CBA

Good for the answer to the infamous "what are you thinking?
by BuckNaked May 23, 2007
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CBA = Cool By Association. When someone is only cool from the friends they hang around.
"Nancy" is not cool.. she is only CBA because she hangs out with "Dave".
by A Wall April 13, 2007
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A condition affecting amateur wordsmiths who cannot be bothered to see if an entry has already been made to Urban Dictionary before adding nothing new.
Look. Someone added a sixty-third entry for blunt. They must have CBA.
by OGRastamon April 24, 2010
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stands for cryptobehavior analysis

the abstract art of inferring social cues through otherwise innocuous behavior
- Did you see what that girl did?

-Man, nothing has happened...

- Dude, put your CBA goggles...

by terminal1 October 14, 2017
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The act of not putting any effort into revising for exams (hence the CBA) but still getting and A* or equivalent good grade.
Person 1:'I didn't revise at all for my French exam but I still did really well'
Person 2: 'Looks like you got a CBA*'
by lolcat400 February 11, 2011
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Cost-benefit analysis
These investment alternatives will be compared by using a CBA to determine the optimal investment path.
by 2well October 10, 2013
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