the empty, cavernous hole in your chest feeling, when your girlfriend dumps you.
can last two days or two weeks depending on how into her you were.
dude to his friend: ya my GF dumped me, and now two days later she's banging this guy we know, this pain in my chest, I just feel cavitated.
by GEoff June 09, 2014
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a word dumb people use because they dont know what else to say
the shit will cavitate at the bottom of the toilet untilsomeone flushes it"
by briliz March 31, 2007
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A small person who’s usually born on December and is a bit werid and looks a bit like a carrot
look! It’s Cavit whos small
by Doggystyle123 January 17, 2020
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one or more teeth with cavities
hannah montana: hey your teeth are pretty cavitated
dentist: but im a dentist i cant have cavities
by April 05, 2021
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A fetish where someone slides their finger in their partner's anus then uses the tight pressure to crack their knuckles.
"My girlfriend lets me use her ass for Sphinctorectal Digital Cavitation and my knuckles have never felt better"
by The Random Loon Publisher September 24, 2019
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