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One who,in a videogame or real life, tends to move around and do nothing to help anyone... A person cautious about everything they do and is a better distraction than anything. This is usually caused by a lack of skill or just being a really big pussy.
"Damn it, Hes being a cautious carol again,hes not doing shit except hiding."

*friend* " Its better than the guy on my team giving the other team kills, hes a negative nathan"
by Mrredandblack August 19, 2009

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A vagina in which has been penetrated hundreds of times giving it the appearance of used playdough. Many men think this is disgusting and will without hesitation run from the sight of the horrid stench trench. In other words,its a vagina that has lost its warmth and tightness,creating a cold,dark vaccum of space,similar to a blackhole. Proceed with caution, its been known to suck in light and destroy any organic material that enters it.
Guy "My god man,the girl i took back to the hotel last night had a playdough pussy"

Friend " OMG DUDE!! Are you okay?"

Guy "yeah but it ate my right hand,i wont be able to bate it anymore.

Friend " Sounds like a personal problem"
by Mrredandblack August 19, 2009

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A phrase used by gamers to imply they have done something right. If someone says this it usually means they probably pawned the shit out of everyone in a free-for-all or team game. In the eyes of a gamer this is considered a great triumph.
*Killionaire,Perfection,Sniper Spree,Unfreakinbelieveable*

SmallSplash "Whats that? Did i break it?

Shawnyboy "Oh shit dude"
by Mrredandblack August 19, 2009

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