Deformation (many times permanent) of the ear due to repetitive physical contact. Semi-common in boxers. VERY common in wrestlers/grapplers that have trained for a number of years.
This can be an initial sign of someone that can mess you up pretty bad. Some famous people include guys like BJ Penn and Randy "The Natural" Couture.
I was at a bar last night and I saw some loud-mouth, idiot starting shit with this guy who had cauliflower ears. 10 seconds later, the 'idiot' was choked out unconscience and looked like a slobbering jack-ass. He should have known better than to mess with that guy.
by earljames April 17, 2008
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a boxer's or wrestler's ear deformed by injuries and accumlated scar tissue
If you don't retire you will end up with a cauliflower ear.
by Light Joker August 07, 2005
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1. A description of the shape of a boxers or rugby palyers years after they have been smashed around for years.
2. When you walk around with cauliflower sticking out of your ears
1. After years of being hit in the head my younger brother has cauliflower ears
2. Trying to get out of eating my vegetables i thought i would stick them in my ears, thus giving myself cauliflower ears.
by shaneaisbett July 02, 2004
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To engage in aural sex (that's right, ear sex) and to shoot your load down, around and in your sexually submissive partner's lugholes. Giving the appearance of white ears.

Usually results in brain damage and death.
Jane: I love you jeff
Jeff: Shutup bitch! Im gonna aural you the fuck up!!!
Jeff: *grunting* UHHHHH *JIZZ BOMB*
Jane: Owwww, my eardrum *DIES*

Jeff: I totally fucking owned your ear, CAULIFLOWER EAR!!!!
by j7x (james sevenfold bent) November 18, 2006
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This is when you come up on some one from behind and vigorously create a heavy amount of friction on their ears with your hands.
Maan, he cauliflowered my ears so bad yesterday, they are still red from it.
by bakedfosho April 23, 2004
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