The act of giving or receiving mental sexual stimulation with or from an especially pleasant voice and/or accent.
He's not the greatest of boyfriends, but he has a lovely Scottish accent and she's keeping him around for the aural sex.
by Doctor_Kyrina April 08, 2010
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Sexual intercourse involving one or more penises being inserted into the earhole(s). Also known as an "ear-job".
"maybe I can get some aural tonight"
"I got some aural last week, I fucked her earhole so hard she couldn't hear for a week"
by k§Y June 15, 2003
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A play on the term "oral sex", the act of forcing one's tongue into the aural canal of a lover. In some cases, this sends massive waves close to an orgasm down the side of the body that the ear is on.
As he kissed her neck, he worked his way up to the ear to engage in some steamy aural sex.
by rogertheshrubber May 01, 2007
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Audible sex.
When a band/song is SO good, it counts as aural sex. Sometimes causing an augasm
Me: Aural sex then?
Laura: WHAT?
Me: Check out the definition, duh.
by N-x April 11, 2006
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"Sex" where the auras of two people connect in an erotic or sexual way.

Also, a way for hairy, dread-locked hippies to pretend they are actually getting it on.
Wow, my energy field sure got off thanks to aural sex!
by pat the belgian January 11, 2005
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When you blow a load in a girl's ear. Extra credit: double aural is either getting some in both of her ears, or in one ear of two girls.
I thought she wanted to give me aural sex, but she must've meant oral sex cuz she was not very happy when I came all over her left ear.
by Jamin' September 12, 2005
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