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Caucasianitis is also known as The White People Disease, Inflammation of the Caucasian,Being White, The White guy/chick, Whitey, cracker, or Being Caucasian.

This disease inflicts approximately 65% of people in the United States, and approximately one billion people across the world. No one knows the origins of Caucasianitis, just that it started somewhere in Europe back in 4004 BC

The Symptoms of Caucasianitis are...
-Pale skin that easily burns
-Round eyes
-Lack of rhythm

-Inability to dance

-Inability to jump high
-General disadvantage at sports
-Enjoying nascar
-Drinking beer excessively

-Facebooking way too much.
-Fondness for Daughtry, bland food and starbucks
-Constant need to say things like 'all righty!' and 'no biggie!'
-Deliberately becoming overly intoxicated resulting in vomiting and/or forgetting the event the next day
-Drive volvo stations wagons
-eats at picnics

-eats sun chips
-Picking their own Fruit
-Liking Conan O’Brien
-Getting stupid/ironic tattoos.
"Jerome, what you doin' watchin' NASCAR?"
"I enjoy it."
"Oh gurl. You got that white-people disease, Caucasianitis."
"All righty, please pass me the Sun Chips."
by THE_AE May 22, 2010
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This is a social disorder, it is only known to affect people of race other than Caucasians. It is when a person of non-Caucasian race develops or exhibits the behavioral patterns of a Caucasian/"White person". Caucasianitis mostly affects black people. There is no cure for this disability yet. But with treatment it is possible to suppress this disorder.
1.) Caucasianitis: A Jamaican using the word "like" at the end of every sentence as how a Caucasian would.

2.)Caucasianitis: A black person watching white programming (Friends, Will & Grace etc.)
by Vengali December 11, 2009
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