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1- The incorrect term used to label a "white" man or woman. The word Caucasian refers to a person who is from the region of Caucasus, which is in Europe bordering Turkey and Iran. Therefore, I am not a Cauasian being that I am not from Caucasus. I am, in general, European. Also I am not "white" being that I do not blend in with white paint, or white paper. I prefer to think that I have some amount pigmentation in my skin, thank you very much.
A Jamaican man being called African, even though he is Jamaican.

A Mexican woman being called Dominican, even though she is Mexican.

A Peruvian being called Puerto Rican, even though they are Peruvian.

A Palestinian being called Israeli, even though they are Palestinian.

A German being called Caucasian, even though they are German.


etc, etc, etc.
by Evey_9 November 16, 2006

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