It's the plural of the word cattle, basically obese women.
Larry is a freak, he loves cattles.
by Ilovecattles January 3, 2017
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The act of picking up cattle, aka fat, obese chicks. Usually done by men, when they are drunk, lonely, and need to get laid.
Yo dawg, I am so drunk, I am goin cattling
by Ilovecattles September 5, 2016
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cattle truck: "fuck" (rhyming slang)
"cattled" cattle trucked "fucked"
were cattled!
by David December 9, 2003
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A large group of nasty, often hideous, girls, or whales of human female form, who graze and eat most of the day and go nutty for boy bands and chocolate bars.
"Don't sit at that table, that is where the cattle sit, you don't want to go near them, you might be eatin."
by slopass December 1, 2003
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Large portion of people living in the United States who are overweight and have similar lifestyles. Cattle can be identified as eating fast foods, processed foods, not exercising, or justifying eating a high calorie meal by ordering a "diet soda". Cattle hobbies include watching TV, playing video games, and never going outside. Cattle are wasteful of all resources for example leaving their 3 large screen TVs on 24/7 and not recycling their trash. Cattle are extreme consumers and love to buy vehicles and useless products. Cattle teach their children how to grow up to be cattle by sitting them in front of some kind of video screen at very early ages. Cattle children are all overweight and have asthma from never going outside and playing. Cattle justify this atrocity by claiming that outside is dangerous for children and they will get hurt. Cattle all have jobs where they have to clock in and work set hours. They are not intelligent or motivated enough to work for themselves. Cattle are the bread and butter for the US Government. They supply the government with the majority of all money collected in taxes. Cattle have bad habits like smoking and drinking. This is even more revenue for the US Government. Cattle are frustrated with their lives and in order to feel human or free they tend to break minor laws with the state they are living in. When caught, revenue from fines pay raises, bonuses, and buy new high performance undercover vehicles for local and state police departments.
"Diet soda is on the fast food drive-thru menu to make the cattle feel healthy." "Cattle never have time to exercise, because all their extra time is allotted to watching TV or video games."
by rarelyobscure September 14, 2013
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short, stocky, non-attractive women who are obese. Cattle most always wear tight slacks, and many look like men (i.e. "Pat" of Saturday Night Live fame)
See those ugly women crossing the street? No, man - that ain't women - they is cattle"
by especialrob May 10, 2006
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