Miley Cyrus is inspiring girls who are catorce and younger to be as slutty as she is.
by shabbat shallom May 21, 2010
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Crazy; A Spanish word that was randomly assigned the meaning of "crazy" in a small eastern NC town to piss off the spanish teacher.
Dude you're thinking about talking to Kristen again? You're being so catorce right now!!!
by Jmangstarshokes March 20, 2011
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A never-ending bowel movement, in which you don't know what is coming out of your anus.
Billy: What took you so long?
Donnie: I had to drop a catorce.
by Bukkakegod October 27, 2002
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The four words that starts U2's hit "Vertigo"
Unos Dos Tres Catorce...HELLO HELLO!
by World Domination February 17, 2005
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