Nephew to the upper decker the catchers mit may be attained by layering toilet paper extending from one side of the bowl across the water and onto the other side of the bowl forming a soft sturdy pad. Proceed with your normal defecation but cease to flush. You now have a permeating pile for all to enjoy. Most commonly found in road side rest areas.
"OMG! WTF! This is the stalest catchers mit ive ever dealt with!" Dale the janitor.
by Rooster Nugget February 03, 2006
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a girl so ugly her face looks like it has been hit with numerous baseballs, but thinks she is hot
that ugly bitch, she walks around like a catcher's mit
by thekirkhammer March 25, 2013
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n. Of or pertaining to a female's unattractive face. A face that closely resembles the catcher's glove or outfielders glove in the game of baseball.
Chiefly British definition - A female's face that has similarities to a wicket keeper's glove in the sport of cricket.
"Holy cow Jed, she looks like she's been catching fly balls in outfield all afternoon without a glove!"

"The batter tries to turn the all-star bowler into the leg-side, and with the sharp turn that the master leg-spinner is able to impart, he gets only a leading edge and offers a catch by Karen, with her face, at slip.
by ZimmFilmz August 28, 2005
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