A common sexual practice.
This involves taking naps between acts of sexual intercourse in order to recover and gain an energy boost for the next session. Couples may drift between sleeping and sexual intercourse numerous times with no verbal communication or other activities outside of the bedroom.
This is probably the most productive way a couple could spend a sunday. I.e. in bed and fucking.
Joe: How was your weekend man?

Peter: Pretty mad... spent all of Saturday and Sunday cat napping with the missus.

Joe: Awesome... wish I had a cat........

Peter: ?
by qorn48 July 4, 2011
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A short nap, which allows for a quick boost in energy.
James took a rapid succession of cat naps, regaining 15hp!
by John the Redeemer January 28, 2008
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a short nap when you know you have to get up soon.
I am going home to get a cat nap before we go out.
by lil miss April 14, 2006
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A short nap...during which feline fecal matter is smeared across an enemy's face to resemble cat whiskers.
While Aidan was napping, Nathan snuck into his room and with the help of chairman Meow Zedong, turned his afternoon nap into a cat nap.
by Derrick Submarine January 5, 2011
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A long, often 3 hours nap, often slept by one of older age, most likely a gentle man with his hairline receding.
My old man took a cat-nap, he never woke up.
by Popcornium May 6, 2016
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When a guy awakes from a cat nap with a boner
Dude 1: Hey man, you got some major Cat Nap Wood!

Dude 2: Yeah bro i just woke up and i had a dream about your mom.
by onleemortall December 11, 2011
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to lounge about and sleep in a slinky, sensual, catlike manner, particularly after masturbation, and, favorably, followed by a cigarette.
"Yo, sorry I'm late, I was taking a Parisian cat nap
by poogesaurus June 27, 2018
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