Margot is an eccentric and fun loving girl. Being European, her accent is cute and she is gorgeous. She has a big heart and is one of the most kindest girls you will ever meet. Margot can make friends with just about anyone, even if they are from another country! She is leveled headed and responsible-living up to fulfill any task at hand never let's anyone down. She's traveled across the world and gone on many adventures, but to her home is defiantly where the heart is. This girl is like a ball of fire, like the first star you see at night. However she can keep to herself and be shy or quiet, but when she is comfortable she'll shine-lighting up the world with just her smile. She is multi-talented, from dancing to playing an instrument, you would think she could do anything. Margot is the smartest girl, and can even speak several languages. She is like a breath of fresh air. Margot enjoys the small things in life, loving caramel, tea, and pretzels. She is unique and bombastic, one of a kind. Artistic and musical. Sweet and gentle. Fun and adventurous. She makes the world stop and stare. Margot is truly amazing and you'd be lucky to have her as a friend or more!
"Wow did you see that girl?!"
"How could I have missed her?! She is totally a Margot!"
by B-rah 76 October 27, 2016
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Margot is by far the sweetest, kindest, gentlest person I know. She has the biggest heart and makes you feel like the most important person on earth. She is beautiful. She has a natural beauty that no amount of makeup could touch, and her happiness and kindness makes her the most radiant person ever. She is hardworking, devoted and loyal. She will never let you down. She is funny and has a great sense of humor when you get to know her. She gives the best gifts and advice, and is respectful and never judgemental. She is super smart, too, but doesn't brag or show off. She has great sportsmanship and is good at everything. She us strong, and caring and everything amazing. She us extremely supportive and loving, and everyone should have a Margot in their life.
"Who is the best person I know? Well, is that even a real question? It's Margot, of course!"
"She makes me proud, that Margot. She is perfect."
by CaymendRedor December 18, 2018
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Margot is an amazing young women. Very talented and very pretty. She has a beautiful smile and a wonderful personality. Her long brown hair makes every other girl jealous and her beautiful brown eyes top it off. She rarely ever likes someone but when she does she falls hard. When she laughs it's like an angel whispered "adorable". NEVER LOOSE her she is the most amazing BFF and an awesome girlfriend. She can be very funny when she is in the mood to be. She has a "tiny bit" of a dirty mind which helps her come up with hilarious jokes.
Margot: an amazing BFF
And an AWESOME girlfriend
by Auria N. June 19, 2018
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The most beautiful girl I've ever seen and had the chance of meeting. She is by far, the most perfect girl anyone could ever ask for and just takes my breath away. I've said she reminds me of Torrie Wilson but she is more gorgeous than her. Words can't go to the degree to describe her so that's why I'm gonna stop here.
Damn, that girl is beautiful. But, is anybody more stunning than Margot? I have yet to find that.
by Sunny Dre Carter III June 6, 2009
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A rare, small woodland creature known for being happy and cute. Often the little fur ball will lure its victims in with its kitten-like charm only to force them to pet them and later eat them alive. Despite their evil nature, Margots are widely loved and sought after throughout the world.
Ryan: You'll never guess what I saw in the woods yesterday!
Paul: What?
Ryan: A sweet, little Margot!
Paul: Awwww!
Ryan: Yeah, but then the little bitch bit me.
Paul: I have ten scars.
Ryan: But its so cute!
by la negrita February 18, 2009
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The girl who everyone wants to be. The girl who’s eyes light up the moment she enters the room. The girl who will make you laugh forever. The girl with impeccable style. The girl with a warm, confident kind hearted presence. The girl who’s smiles never seemed brighter. The girl in your dreams telling you too scrub your saddle and jump onto your strawberrie (she be weird like that.)

This is the girl you’ll need with you everywhere for everything.
(She was a firey light in all the darkness, burning on forever) (Margot)
by Cliff hangover July 18, 2022
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Biggest bootied girl i've ever mett' (:

This girl is just truly amazing and deserves to have her own dictionary definition, margot is absoluetly gorgeous, and has a bigg o booty ;)
Damnnn, That booty looks like a margot! XD
by Gioooo; December 29, 2010
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