1. Someone who is doing something madm, outragous or out of the norm!
1. frank starts singing & dancing in the street
paul "Man your one Crazy Cat"

2. Geoff says something contriversal- "Geoff you Crazy Cat"
by Craig Phillips September 19, 2005
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A variety of blotter acid that circulated in the mid 1980s printed with an image of the head of Bill the Cat from the comic strip Bloom County.
I don't have any purple microdot left, man, but I have a couple hits of crazy cat.
by Craig 119281 November 3, 2005
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A woman who loves her cats more than people
Usually by the name of Teagan
She's a crazy cat lady
by DancedanceRevolution December 25, 2014
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They exist, they are the male version of a Crazy Cat Lady.
"Crazy cat gentleman! you have too many cats!"
"Bollocks, I can never have too many felines."
by Dr Internet August 18, 2016
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Similar to a crazy woman, but with cats. It's easy to spot a crazy cat woman, she has frizzy hair, bad fashion sense, and is normally surrounded by cats that worship her. They choose to moan and growl instead of talking, and hang out in dark alleys.
My mum is a crazy cat woman o.O
by Randycat January 19, 2009
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An elderly suburban widow who lives alone and keeps dozens or more pet cats, usually many more than municipal code allows, in a small house, and refuses to give away or sell them even for the sake of the safety of the cats or herself.
Tonight's episode of CSI featured a story where a little girl killed a crazy cat lady with a ball point pen.
by Shamis February 11, 2005
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An woman that has an insane almost addictive love for cats.
Kate is turning into a crazy cat lady.
by musicsinger92 December 12, 2011
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