43 definitions by Curtis Meyer

The relationship between shorties and cat-callers. ("Aiyo shorty!")
by Curtis Meyer October 26, 2009
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A loose woman (Phrase created by Jelian Morales of Orlando, Florida)
I hope to find myself a buckle bunny at the club.
by Curtis Meyer March 13, 2008
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Pronounced: boo-JA-day-PEW; Nonsense, bullshit
Created by Shane Smith of Sanford, Florida
His response to the politican's testimony was to cry, "Bujadepieux!"
by Curtis Meyer March 17, 2008
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1) The condition of speaking the truth and having no one believe you.

2) The condition of being able to predict the future, be it the outcome of a particular event, or the reactions of others to the same event, and having no one believe your prophecy until it transpires.

3) Being able to see or understand things long before others, often resulting in them coming to the same conclusions long after your own initial analysis.

(All definitions come from Cassandra, the queen in Greek mythology who was appointed by Apollo with an inability to lie, yet cursed by having no one believe her prophecies.)
"I told him she was going to dump him if he didn't shape up, but no one ever believes my Cassandra syndrome."
by Curtis Meyer May 30, 2008
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1. Someone with a sexual preference towards females.
2. A heterosexual male.
3. A lesbian.
I always though he was gay, but it turns out he's actually a cat person.
by Curtis Meyer March 25, 2008
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An strain of a sexually transmitted disease that comes from interacting with loose women (I.E. "chickenheads.")
After our fun last night, I woke up with a bad case of chickenscratch.
by Curtis Meyer July 23, 2008
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A nickname for red velvet cake. ("Red" as in "Communism." "Velvet" as in "Revolution." ) Compare to "moo juice" for milk.
"I am loving the cream cheese icing on this commie cake!"
by Curtis Meyer April 05, 2010
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