A burglar who is adept at entering and leaving a house without being noticed.
The cat burglar came and left without the occupants even waking up.
by Sinistral January 30, 2006
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a lesbian who likes to date "straight women" and get them away from the boyfriends.
Look at Cindy hit on that girl while her boyfriends gone, shes such a cat burglar
by bubba July 9, 2004
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To shit in a litter box then steal 1 good dvd from a one night stand and escape without being detected.
I pulled the cat burglar on that chick that I fucked last night and now I have season two of greys anatomy. - Ken A
by Bar1der September 15, 2021
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some1 tat drives a saturn about 5'9 6'2 half argentinian half brasilian. tat die.go
oh no da cat burglar has taken my car while pretending to be a pizza boy urgh tat die.go
by catburglar1992 January 8, 2010
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A pussy stealing lesbian that always taking the straight girls away from the common man
It's tough to get laid with all these cat burglars around!
by Fire69 May 22, 2015
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A person that goes around and steals catalytic converters. Usually at night and most of the time undetected.
I got in my car this morning and discovered some cat burglar stole my catalytic converter (CAT). (From experience!).

Most shops refer to catalytic converters as a "CAT" , abbreviated name.
by CWFF September 14, 2020
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Someone who takes over a job from someone else and then happily takes the credit for the previous persons work.
Everytime she gets a job in a new winery she fucks off with someone elses silver ware. she's a cat burglar.
by nobjockeybender September 3, 2008
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