A sexual/BDSM fetish, whereupon an individual enjoys some part of the process of putting casts on people. Some people enjoy putting the casts on others, others enjoy having the casts put on themselves, and others enjoy seeing the finished product. Some cast fetishists get very creative about which body parts and in which positions the subject gets cast.
Becca is into casting and last week, she had the entire bottom half of her body done.
by treehuggr January 15, 2012
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Sleep; pass out; lay in bed. Usually said after a long night of drinking, but not always.
Example #1: I'm about to go cast.

Example #2: Wanna go upstairs and cast with me?
by drinkeveryynight June 12, 2011
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To select actors for (a play or the like)
The Directer choose a cast for the play.
by The Dictionary Nerd December 21, 2017
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A word that means a lot of things. it can be a good word, a bad word or a word to describe certain peoples behavior.
DONT CAST!(Bad)..... What a CAST!(GOOD/BAD)

awww theres a right cast in here!(refering to the people in the room)

naaa fuck gary, he's just a cast(bad).

...someone turn off jeremy kyle..."no"...awww come on hes an absolute caster!
by MC sammy c January 16, 2009
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(noun): co-op arena strategy

The genre of gaming invented by Eul and developed by Guinsoo, Neichus, Syllable and eventually Icefrog. Previously known by the useless term MOBA made popular by Riot Games. Veteran professional players who have become analysts of the game are known as 'casters'.

Two teams of 5 players each control 1 (or sometimes more) character called a hero.
Heroes fight to level up by killing minions that spawn from the enemy side of the map along paths called lanes, gaining experience and gold from kills.

Experience allows heroes to learn and improve their special abilities. Gold is used to buy powerful items to either attack, debuff or control enemies or to help and support teammates (and allies).
These individual objectives all come together to achieve one team objective:


Usually, tiered special structures or entities stand in the way of this major objective and must be eliminated one after another down any particular lane to achieve success.

Popular CAST games include:
Dota 2, developed by Valve
League of Legends, developed by Riot Games
Smite, developed by Hi-Rez Studios
Heroes of Newerth, developed by S2 Games
Heroes of the Storm, developed by Blizzard Entertainment

The CAST game with the highest professional competitive prize pool is Dota 2 with 'The International', at $40 million (USD) at the time of writing. This prize pool is formed from purchases by a devoted community.
rAGEBLADE: Guys, I'm bored with this game.
Sturm&Drang: We could play that CAST game, League of Legends?
rAGEBLADE: CAST? lol wth is League of Legends?
Raijin: It's dead-easy, m8, you'll love it. It's like an arcade game but stupider. Or Dota 2 if that's too easy.
Techsmith314: CAST is a co-op game where you level up and strat before you spam your supers.

rAGEBLADE: Just show me what this CAST stuff is.
by Kekkoen July 12, 2021
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the Tau hierarchial order along with a designation of a Tau's life. Tau from the fire (shas) caste are the defenders of Tau space. The air (kor) pilot the ships and man the stations. Earth caste build and engineer the weapons the fire caste carry and the ships the earth caste fly. The water caste liases and arbitrates. Without them, the Tau would have no allies. The final, most mysterious of the castes is the ethereal (aun). These lords and (psykers?) rule the Tau and put forth the greater good among the masses.
Aun'Shui is an renowned member of the ethereal caste.
by royland Douchebag November 13, 2003
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