A cum sock that has dried out and hardened like a a cast.
Dude is that a cast on your floor?
by D_COPE April 22, 2010
To select actors for (a play or the like)
The Directer choose a cast for the play.
by The Dictionary Nerd December 21, 2017
Something that a doctor gives you when you break your arm or leg
I broke my leg and got a cast!
by Emma123456 j October 16, 2020
A word that means a lot of things. it can be a good word, a bad word or a word to describe certain peoples behavior.
DONT CAST!(Bad)..... What a CAST!(GOOD/BAD)

awww theres a right cast in here!(refering to the people in the room)

naaa fuck gary, he's just a cast(bad).

...someone turn off jeremy kyle..."no"...awww come on hes an absolute caster!
by MC sammy c January 16, 2009
Exclaiming that a previous remark was good, or favourable.
"I am rubber, you are glue"
by Eliot Bradshaw January 7, 2004
Not a word. The correct word is "cast".
"As a young wizard, I frequently casted my spells onto unsuspecting Muggles."

"It's cast, not casted."
by Jameson R. Cui November 1, 2010
My mom casted me to my dad bruv

I’ll have to cast you man
by Mandem energy October 18, 2019