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A cum sock that has dried out and hardened like a a cast.
Dude is that a cast on your floor?
by D_COPE April 22, 2010
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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Sleep; pass out; lay in bed. Usually said after a long night of drinking, but not always.
Example #1: I'm about to go cast.

Example #2: Wanna go upstairs and cast with me?
by drinkeveryynight June 11, 2011
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A word that means a lot of things. it can be a good word, a bad word or a word to describe certain peoples behavior.
DONT CAST!(Bad)..... What a CAST!(GOOD/BAD)

awww theres a right cast in here!(refering to the people in the room)

naaa fuck gary, he's just a cast(bad).

...someone turn off jeremy kyle..."no"...awww come on hes an absolute caster!
by MC sammy c January 16, 2009
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a term used by auditors when adding up tons and tons of numbers to check that they are correctly summed up by a company.
Casting the whole ledger has made my eyes sore and fingers numb; the best part is, it didnt add up to the final amount!
by g t September 12, 2005
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Exclaiming that a previous remark was good, or favourable.
"I am rubber, you are glue"
by Eliot Bradshaw January 07, 2004
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