The food of choice for trifling hoes born in the 90s who don't know how to cook and like McDonald's, being bisexual, and twerking.
All that bitch Desh'neé do is eat hot chip and lie.
by NIN10DOXD December 9, 2019
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Great electro/indie band from London. Best songs include And I Was A Boy From School and Over And Over.
Hot Chip rock. Shame about their dress sense though. And WTF are those on their album cover?
by kazikame January 21, 2007
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A super attractive lady, maybe with a bodacious booty. Any girl that gives you a woody.
Emmanuelle Chriqui is a super hot chip!
by Ace 26 January 21, 2010
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A person who remains laid back, fun loving, and doesn't take themselves too serious. They usually hang loose and never get upset. And love hot tortilla chips after the game
Deanna: Man, Brendan was such a dick at volleyball today.

John: yeah I wish he was more like mark and Zak. They are so hot chips
by Two guys? September 15, 2010
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"Hey did you want me to pick you up tonight" "yes please, that would be hot chips"
by Chocolatehorse December 17, 2016
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To spit (or cum) into the ass of a girl, and dip your cock in and out.
Guy 1: "Yo what'd you do with Anna last night?"

Guy 2: "She was giving me shit, so I gave her a hot chip and told her not to fart."
by chipperman43 March 20, 2010
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